Essential Time Management Skills for College Students

Essential time management skills for college students ensure success in college. Depending on the number of courses students sign up for, and the demands of these courses, students can be stretched beyond anything they have ever encountered in their studies. If they are staying on college grounds for the first time, and are away from curfews at home, they may find their newfound friends and freedom sapping away their time, and upsetting any notion of time management.

In order to ensure success at college, college students must practice these essential time management skills:

1. Work on a realistic school work schedule.

Many students remain clueless about time management because they do not have any plan in mind. A simple work schedule which revolves around lesson times, venue of lessons, and the available places of study near the venue of lessons helps ensure that time in between lessons does not go to waste. By learning to manage these pockets of time, students soon realise that they can end up with more time for revision and more in-depth studies than they can ever hope for.

2. Set priorities right.

Focus on school work during weekdays, and rest and relaxation during weekday evenings and weekends. Rest and exercise are vital for a healthy body and mind, and should not be neglected, despite a heavy study commitment. Exercise should be easy enough and not take too much preparation time. Worked into a regular routine, exercise becomes a great refresher and keeps college students physically fit for the rigorous schedule that they have to keep.

3. Establish a routine sleep pattern.

It is best to sleep and wake up at a regular time than have irregular sleep patterns. Find the best sleeping hours and duration. By keeping to a regular sleep pattern, the body is conditioned to rest and thus be at its peak during waking hours. It is best to avoid burning the midnight oil or waking in the middle of the night to complete work. It is best to have uninterrupted sleep, then wake up earlier to study in the quiet of the pre-dawn hours.

4. Avoid making impulsive appointments.

By fixing dates and other social gatherings over the weekend, students are less likely to be distracted from studies during the week. Dates can be less formal, such as eating together at mealtimes, or having exercise together during the weekdays. A time-sapping activity is acceding to last minute emergencies of others. Learn to say a firm no, especially to friends who indulge in last minute activities. Stick to the weekly schedule that you have.

5. Switch off your electronic communication devices during study time.

It is easy to get distracted by telephone calls from anxious parents, bored and restless friends, and hormone-active boyfriends and girlfriends. Ensure that electronic communication devices are switched off so that you do not get disturbed or distracted unnecessarily. An unplanned incoming call not only takes away the time spent talking, but also time to refocus on the task you were on. A message on the chat board that pops up while you are writing an assignment could cost you an ingenious idea that you were about to write.

6. Set a start and stop time for assignments.

Students can work under examination conditions to prepare them well for examination-based subjects, but also enable them to complete their regular assignments more efficiently. Students are made more aware of the speed at which they work, and the level of readiness for an assigned task.

7. Have a good meal or snack before pockets of study time.

By ensuring a healthy meal before pockets of study time, students will not be hungry mid-way through and interrupt their studies with a snack. Interrupted study time means disruption of thought processes. Having regular meals ensures a well-nourished body and brain that can work optimally.

8. Time and tide waits for no one.

Work on assignments as soon as they are given. Have a notebook to write down questions and carry it along. Write down points as and when they pop into the mind. Do the final write up when sufficient points are gathered. Do not wait for the last minute to start work on the assignments or prepare for an assignment.

By following essential time management skills, college students have their destiny in their own hands. Every person has 24 hours. It is the disciplined and smart-working college student who will succeed and pull ahead of his college mates.