Evaluating Princeton Reviews Test Preparation Programs

Having just written the LSAT (law school admissions test) this past summer, I enrolled in the Princeton Review LSAT preparation course. It is on this ground that I feel competent in evaluating their test preparation programs.

To begin, I feel the value of succeeding at standardized tests is a necessary premise upon which to base this evaluation. Considering the value of a good school/education and the income brought in afterwards (noticeably so in regards to law schools), the monetary costs of a preparation course is negligible.

Having established the worth of preparation courses, Princeton review’s methods in particular are quite impressive.
Having reformed the teaching methods and materials over years of teaching the courses, in order to achieve maximum student performance, the courses now consist of well thought out and structured materials.

At the start of each course, they have you write a “diagnostic” test to see where your natural score would have been without their training. Personally, I began at a 40th percentile, and by the end was consistently achieving in the 80’s (which I then scored 84th percentile on the actual LSAT exam).

If interested in a standardized testing preparation course, I suggest looking up Princetonreview.com.

I believe the larger preparation organizations are all relatively similar in quality. Having had friends take the Kaplan preparation course while I was at Princeton, I found them to have had quite similar experiences. I should mention that these students’ marks were slightly less impressive than my peers at Princeton Review. This may, however, be due to a difference in the natural ability of those who happened to choose Kaplan over Princeton.

So, as intimated above, I would recommend taking Princeton review course, as they are both effective and of good value. One final piece of advice however is to take an old exam yourself before paying for any preparation course, because you might find that you are already capable of achieving a mark you are satisfied with. In this case you may find yourself not having to pay upwards of one thousand dollars that might have otherwise spent unnecessarily.

Good luck!