Examples of College Acceptance Letters Outlining Future Goals

Most college institutions require all potential students to write letters or essays describing why they should be accepted to the college of their choice. Future goals are a subject that requires a higher level of personal knowledge about ones self and ones plans. A good summary of the student’s goals, desires, and plans for the future is an imperative addition to the letters or essays that must be written for educational acceptance.

The following is a good essay, describing the students (that’s me) future goals. This essay gives a great deal of detail, telling the reader that the writer (me) has established plans for their future.

Please note that this version is written as an essay with a title, but is directed in a way that targets the reader as if it were a letter written especially for them. It gives enough detail of who I am and where I am going to allow the reader to see a personal side to me, the prospective student.

My Future Goals and How Your College Will Lead me To Them.

My goals for my future are to achieve a Masters degree in social work (MSW). I would also like to take some extra courses in counseling psychology and writing. At this point in my education, I am a semester away from graduating with an Associate degree in human services. I’d like to find an entry level position within an agency that works directly with families. At this point, I am not limiting myself from other possibilities as I learn the field. I am sure as I learn more and expand my horizons, I will dabble in other areas that I do not see just yet.

One day, I intend on advocating, planning, and teaching group therapy sessions that are based on writing for healing and growth. I would like to implement a writing workshop that will encourage people who have been victims of abuse to view their own lives and any past or present struggles in depth. This will provide a safe haven for learning and acceptance in designing a new and hopeful plan for a better future. It will boost self-esteem and allow for a sense of accomplishment and growth. For many individuals, I assume that writing will turn into the desire and passion for higher education and expanded learning. A writing workshop would also promote better writing skills for many who are in need of practice and guidance in letter writing as well as other writing skills needed throughout life.

Whether the writing workshop is a focus within my career or mandated as volunteer work, it will be a solid factor in my future goals for my life as a whole. My passion is in helping others heal from experiences of abuse. I wish to be a voice for those who require an advocate as well as a resource for those who need a helping hand or guidance. Other human beings who have received unfair chances motivate me. Those who have lost hope and have disregarded their full potential because of lost hope entice me to want to see who they can be with some help. A beautiful quote says it just the way I believe it is. “It is not our purpose to become each other; it is to recognize each other, to learn to see the other and honor him for what he is” (Hesse). This is an idea that I continue to build my life around.

Being a non-traditional student as well as a single mother of three, I find that I have so much I would like to offer, yet very little time. I feel that the programs set up through Empire State College are designed specifically for persons with fuller lives like mine. I could work, be a mother, and attend your mentoring program to complete my Bachelors degree in human services. I could probably even find time for a bit of volunteer work in my field of study as well as more time for the church. I believe a self-paced program is exactly what I am looking for in order to build on my experiences with a bit less of the juggling that I am involved in for my Associates degree.

My ultimate goal is making changes in the world around me. Whether it be to touch the life of one individual or strive for larger social change within society, it is who I am and what I will strive to be better at through education. A very wise man once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world” (Gandhi). It is such a simple line and yet it holds such powerful meaning. I would consider that quote as a precious tool to keep close, in hand and heart.

With the guidance, education, and opportunity of Empire State College, I will be well on my way to everything I define here as my goals. My transcripts have information you require, but seeing beyond grades, I hope that I have convinced you, the reader, of my sincerity and value system. I wish to further my education with you.