Explaining the Trend of Older Students Returning to College

Will the decrease of men attending college change our society?

Why Are Men Not Going To College

The percentage of men on America’s college campuses is steadily declining. Research suggests that college women will soon outnumber college men by a ration of 3:2. I believe that the cause of this trend is the fact that men are forced to work sooner than women and that men think that they know everything there is to know, and feel that college is unnecessary. Some people even believe that this trend could eventually become a problem for our universities and even our nation.
One reason I think that fewer men are not going to college, is because they are being forced by their family to go work sooner. If something goes wrong at home, the mother looks at the son to provide income for the family. Men are looked upon to be strong and responsible toward their family’s income. If this problem occurs then the man will not have enough time to worry about college, because he is busy providing for his family.
Another reason would defiantly have to be the ignorance of men. Men have to be right all the time and everything has to be done their way. A lot of men feel that college is not a necessity in order to have a successful career. For this reason, men choose not to waste their time with college and go straight into their career. While becoming successful is possible without a college degree, it is a lot easier with one. In fact, people who go to college earn an average of $1,000,000 more than people who do not go to college.
I really feel that this problem will not affect our universities or nation in a major way. I think that women are more intelligent than men are and that it might be better for the economy if women ran most businesses. I also think that men are stronger than women are, and if women controlled most businesses, I think that men could do the jobs that required less education and more manual labor.
These are the two main reasons why I believe that the rate of college men is steadily declining and why I do not think that it will affect our universities and nation in a major way. However, if somehow these two problems could be fixed, I think that the rate of men attending college would increase.