Explaining the Trend of Older Students Returning to College

Life is a learning process until you die. Everyone progresses differently in life. Some older adults may decide to go back to college for further improvements in their life, other older adults do it for job promotions, and there are the curious older person who returns to college because they can. There are a lot of personal rewards for knowlege. College is a positive environment for hard work. It is a mind exercising environment that commands discipline. Older adults are some of the best students because they cannot afford to mess around with life any more. Time is not on their side but love of life is.

Maybe you would like to return and but you lack the financial help to see you through. Do not be afraid to look for help. Go to the school of your choice and ask a lot of questions. You might be surprise what kind of help is out here. If you really want something, you will find a way to accomplish your goals.

What makes America so wonderful is we can do a lot of things that other countries would look down on. Other countries would say that going back to school is for young people not for old people. They believe that older people should be accomplished at a certain age. My response to that would be, every country is different. It is better to live in a country where its citizens are productive adults than live in a country where the population is full of illiterates. I believe every work place should offer some form of education other than job related.

What are the advantages of a good education? Education can save your life, it promotes communication among people, your decision making process could be more positive, education teaches you not to be afraid of new technology, and you can observe other people’s behavior and how they react to different decisions.

How do the young people react to seeing older adults occupying their space? Some find it funny, while others do not care. Young people can learn from the older adults if they are willing to listen. And the older adults can also learn from the young students. I hope the trend continues for as long as it can.

There are a lot of young people who do not have the discipline to stay in school. The problem is they get to frustrated with learning and drop out of school. Maybe we are in a period in this country where we will see more older adults in classes because the younger generation do not have the discipline to overcome. The younger generation wants things easy, the technology tells them they can have it easy. So, the older adult might see values where the younger generation refuses to look. It is up to the older adults to show them how it is really done. Good luck!