Factors to consider when Deciding at which University to Study

After stressing about applications, you have finally been accepted to a multitude of colleges. Now you just have to decide which college to attend. No big deal, right?

Well, you can adopt a casual attitude all you want, but choosing a college is a difficult process with many angles to consider. The following are only the suggested factors to consider, but they can help greatly in your decision.

1. Make sure you can maximize your major.

Like everyone always tells you, research your college and see what majors are offered. Check up on news articles which highlight the school’s accomplishments in certain academic fields. Don’t go to a design school if you want to major in mathematics, and vice versa, don’t major in English at a technical college. You have to always think about your future and what path you want to take. Don’t know what major you are thinking about? There are multiple sites, such as MyMajors, that can aid in your research.

2. Look at the price tag.

You can’t go to college without a bit of money, whether from the parents or scholarships. Make sure you don’t corner yourself with the high cost of tuition. You don’t want to regret attending college when you realize the amount of debt you packed throughout the years.

3. Gauge the distance.

Think about your dependence on parents. Can you last a week without them? How about months? The distance of the college should be calculated, so that you can be sure that you are comfortable away from home.

4. Check out the size of that!

Some people want to get away from the size that they had experienced in high school. Others want to retain that size. Look at the number of students that you feel you can deal with for the next four years. Always look at the gender ratio and teacher-student ratio, and make sure you’re okay with the number. Sites like College Board and Peterson’s can help with comparing the sizes of colleges.

5. Extracurricular activities matter.

Besides academics, what  other things can the college provide for you as a student? If you’re adamant about joining a Habitat for Humanity chapter, look it up in your college’s list of club activities. Sometimes, you can be surprised at what one school can offer in terms of extracurricular activities.

6. Knowing your way around campus.

You don’t want any surprises about the campus’s look when starting school. To get a scope of the college’s landscape and environment, go on a college tour. The tour guides are almost always current undergraduate or graduate students who know their way around the campus. They can act as great sources about campus atmosphere.

To ensure that you thoroughly enjoy your experience at college, take a long, hard look at the life you have now and imagine the life you want in the future.