Financial Aid available to Students at Masachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Boston

The Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) is located in Boston, Massachusetts. It is a private college founded in 1823 which specializes in educating health professionals. It is affiliated with qualified clinical sites in Massachusetts, New England and New Hampshire, to provide clinical opportunities to students.

MCPHS is divided between three campuses, Boston, Manchester and Worcester. The college is committed to preparing ethical and caring health professionals and scientists. The teaching methods foster “lifelong responsibility for learning”.

MCPHS believes that no qualified student should be denied a college education due to lack of personal funds, and is committed to providing financial aid for those with financial need. Aid is awarded with the criteria of demonstrated financial need and academic performance assessed. In order to apply for financial aid at MCPHS incoming students must complete and submit the FAFSA by 3/15. 90% of students attending Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences receive some kind of financial aid.

The Colleges Office of Student Financial services is available to help students and their families with the process of locating and securing funds, and help with applications for financial aid. Students may also be eligible for positions through the federal work study program which provides campus jobs to students whilst at college.

Financial aid which is awarded to students comprises a mix of scholarships, grants and loans. The cost of attending the college is assessed as tuition, room and board, transport, and books. Financial aid is based on the estimated cost of attending which is not met by the total estimated family contribution, which includes the students own estimated contribution. Tuition costs are the same for both instate and out of state undergraduates.

Students who meet the criteria will be granted the federal Pell grant. In addition the college offers merit based scholarships which are automatically renewed if grades are maintained to the specified levels. There are MCPHS endowed scholarships for financial need and academic performance, and MCPHS scholarships for students with demonstrated financial need.

There are grants available from the State of Massachusetts to instate students. The Mass grant is awarded by the state to those with exceptional financial need, and the Gilbert grant is available to those who can demonstrate exceptional financial need. Out of state students are encouraged to see if there are state grants available to them from their home states. It is well worth potential students considering their eligiblity for financial aid at the Massacusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, if interested in pursuing a degree there which will invaluable in entering their chosen profession.

 Source: MCPHS