Finding Good Sat Study Guides

Because your SAT scores are so important to the college application process, you probably want to choose a preparation book to study from.  But the book stores are filled with study book options!  How should one choose from such a large selection of study guides?  Finding a study guide can be simple if you know what to look for.

Good reviews

Shop around online for the study guide with the best reviews.  It may be that you discover a lesser known study guide with great recommendations.  If you are planning to purchase brand name study guides such as Kaplan and Princeton Review, you probably do not have to worry about the book’s reliability.  Be critical when examining a study guide that has no brand name.  Make certain that the guide is reliable and effective.

Experienced writers and editors

Ask yourself if the writers of the text have any experience involving the SAT.  An SAT study guide given by the College Board, the makers of the test, would probably be a great guide to helping you succeed.  Another guide might be given by an SAT preparatory teacher.  Make sure that the writers are reliable sources for information about the SAT.

Practice Tests

Make sure your study guide has practice tests!  If the guide doesn’t have practice questions of some form, do not buy it.  Practice makes perfect, and practice questions are necessary to study effectively.  Make sure the practice tests are in the format of the SAT or in a similar format, as well.  Get as many questions as possible in your study guide to reap the most benefits.


Price can be an important consideration, too.  Do not buy an expensive study guide where a cheap one will suffice.  If price is a very important factor and you are short on money, look into purchasing a used study guide.  Many libraries also offer study guides as a part of their book selection.  Just make sure that if you attain a used preparatory guide that it is not outdated.  Outdated information is not worth the money you will save.

Make your SAT studying a priority and get the best study guide you can.  Be careful to pick the right one, because study guides can make a huge difference in your test-taking.  With the extra preparatory help, you are certain to receive a good score on the SAT.