Finding Inexpensive College Textbooks

Textbooks can be a very expensive, and very annoying cost associated with going to college. Every term students are expected to buy a list of books that are required by the professors in order to succeed in the class. There are usually very few choices on where to get these books, leaving most students to simply buy them for very high prices at their University bookstore. But there are ways to find inexpensive college textbooks.

Check the University bookstore.

Most university bookstores are willing to buy back used textbooks from students who are done with them. They then turn around and resell these books at a lower price than the new equivalent. Check your bookstore to see if you can get a better price. This option is convenient, but doesn’t always get you the best deal. is the largest online bookseller in the country. They offer just about everything. You can get virtually any textbook from They even have a way for resellers to offer used copies. If you check the page for a given book, you can also see used copies that are for sale. The used copies can be a much, much better price, depending on what condition the book is in. is a generally well respected retailer and goes to great length to ensure that you have a good buying experience with them.

If you want to be able to buy a used textbook locally, try This is a website that has largely replaced newspaper classified ads. Individuals can post just about anything for sale here, at no cost. The selection on can be hit or miss, but when you find what you’re looking for, the price is usually quite good and the seller likely lives quite close to you – enabling you to buy the book in person. You know what you’re getting, which is nice.

The last site on the Internet that I’d suggest a person look at if they are trying to find inexpensive textbooks is This is a site that is owned by eBay, but works very differently. On, individuals post books (and movies and music) for sale. The seller picks the price and offers whatever shipping options they are comfortable with. The prices can be very good, but you do have to mess with shipping. holds the money for the transaction until the deal is done.

Finding inexpensive college textbooks can be a real challenge. Always shop around a bit. The Internet has dramatically changed the way people buy textbooks.