Five Things to think about before Rushing a Fraternity or Sorority

Whether there for your future or just to have fun on daddy’s paycheck, college fraternities and sororities all hold an interest to most students. The problem is, some just are not made to hold up to the “Greek life.” Here are some things to consider before rushing a fraternity or sorority.

Once joined, a fraternity or sorority expect you to attend social events, and, seeing asusually you are living with other members, you usually can’t escape it. decide whether or not you have spare time and whether or not your grades will suffer from that all nighter next Friday. If you have too many classes or just really need that eight hours of sleep, than avoid joining one.

Figure out how much money you have to spend and how much it will cost. Fraternities and sororities have initiation fees, room and board, formal attire and uniforms, and events and parties that usually ask each member to “chip in” to pay for it. This usually adds up to a hefty sum and if it’s too much for your pocketbook then consider finding a cheaper one.

Certain fraternities and sororities have standards concerning GPA while others are moreconcerned about having fun. If you are serious about your grades but still want to join agroup, then choosing one that prides itself of its members grades is probably the best choice,you do not want to join one that would rather you pull an all-nighter than study for your exams.

Although not all groups hold up to the stereotypes associated with them, they are still there. Many classmates and teachers see your membership as things such as “alcoholics,” “partiers,” “sex addicts,” and people who just don’t care about life in general. If you are one with low self-esteem or care about your image, than ask around and see what the rumors are about members of certain groups and then decide whether or not you can put deal with that.

The law
Unfortunately, many groups take part in many illegal acts. This would include the big one, underage drinking. Figure out which group does what at their “parties” and whether or not you want to be a part of that is your choice, but it is still best to find out the truth of each group.

These five tips will help any young college freshman to decide which type of sorority or fraternity they wish to join, if any. Finding out the details of each one is the best way to decide which one best fits your lifestyle.