Florida Residency Requirements for State Financial Aid for Education

States have many requirements for a student to gain scholarships or any kind of financial aid for college.  Students who live in-state gain more scholarships or financial aid than those who live out-of-state, and going to college in a different state normally costs more money.  This makes students want to stay in-state when they are looking at colleges, and this is exactly what the state wants.  For the state of Florida, there are the same kinds of requirements as any other state. 

The first area of consideration that a college in Florida will look at is if the student is a dependent or independent student. In other words, does this student depend on their parents financially?  This will be proven on a copy of the student’s or their parent’s most recent tax returns. 

The second area is that the student needs to show that they have lived in the state or established any legal ties to Florida.  The student may need to show copies of their own (or their parent’s) driver’s license or State of Florida Identification Card, voter registration, proof of purchase of permanent home, full-time Florida employment, Florida vehicle registration, or some other kind of documentation. 

If the student is planning to move to Florida to go to school, their documentation must have a starting point of a 12-month residency requirement to be considered a Florida resident.

The third area is the student must have established a physical presence in Florida for at least 12 months immediately preceeding the first day of residency, if Florida residency is being looking at.  This means that they are not just sending their mail to a family member’s Florida address and saying that they live in Florida but that they have physically been in Florida for the past year.

The fourth area is if the student has not always been a Florida resident, the student must have the intent to live in Florida for 12 months for a purpose other than the enrollment of college.  A student who had lived out-of-state will not normally meet all the residency requirements for in-state tuition unless this requirement is met.

The last area is if the student is looking at reclassification.  A student who was classified as a dependent student who wants to be considered as an independent student has certain criteria to be met.  The first is that they have lived in Florida for a year; the residency was not temporary to enrolling in a Florida college; and for proof that the independent student was considered dependent, their parents must still be living out-of-state.