Fun Furniture and Gadgets to Bring to School

College life can be pretty exciting, as many people consider it to be the best years of their life. Well, as a current college student, I am very familiar with life at a university, so I know what it’s like here. There is a lot of time to be spent studying and working for classes, but there is also a lot of free time available to have fun and enjoy yourself and your newly found freedom from your parents. There are a lot of cool things that I have seen in dorm rooms through my experience, which really makes those dorms fun ones to hang out in. Here’s a list of some cool furniture and gadget ideas to bring to your college dorm rooms.

*Gaming Rocking Chair*- I personally have one of these, and they are one of my favorite chairs. They are fairly comfortable, and I guess for some reason I enjoy rocking back and forth in them, even if it is slightly childish. They’re great for gaming, watching television or movies, and they don’t take up much space at all, which clearly is essential while in a dorm room.

*Futon*- I see a lot of futons in college, especially in suites where the people have a common room to share. The futon is a great idea for a common room as you can all sit down and enjoy the television, take a nap, relax, or whatever you feel the need to do. The futon also works as a great bed for someone who may be spending the night or a visitor.

*Laptop*- This is one of the more obvious gadgets to have when going to college. You are going to need access to a computer, and a laptop is a great way to do that. You get the portability to be able to bring your laptop to class and take notes, and then go over those notes and edit them later, without having to write things down, rewrite them, etc. Of course if you can’t afford a laptop, most colleges offer laptop rentals through the library, or you can just use a desktop at the campus library. Laptops are great for watching movies, surfing the web, and of course, getting papers and work done.

* XGaming Systems*- Bringing a gaming system is a great way to kind of break the ice with your new roommates. Playing video games is a lot of fun, especially multiplayer. In my suite we mostly played Xbox 360, and occasionally Playstation 3 because unfortunately no one had a Nintendo Wii. In my opinion, the Nintendo Wii would really be the most fun gaming system to have in a dorm room, as it is really hands on and meant for multiplayer. Of course, the Nintendo Wii does require more space for movement, which could be difficult in some dorm rooms. My suite-mates and I also had a lot of fun playing classic games, such as Mario Kart 64 on a Nintendo 64 that my suite-mate brought, so you don’t necessarily need the latest and greatest gaming console to have a lot of fun with your roommates.

*DVDs/DVD Player* This is a good idea for bringing to college, especially if you’re a movie person. Watching a movie with your friends or roommates is also another great way to bond with them and kind of break the ice when you first meet them. Bringing a DVD player is a great way to enjoy some time when in college, as I prefer to chose what I watch most of the time myself, rather than scroll through the channels looking for something on television. Although many laptops today have DVD players, chances are the television in your dorm is bigger than your laptop screen, so bringing a DVD player is definitely something good to bring. Also, keep in mind that if you have a Playstation 2, 3 or an Xbox 360 that these systems already play DVDs, so you won’t need a DVD player also.

*Big HDTV*- This is actually the thing I was surprised to see as much as I did when it came to college. I don’t go to an expensive Ivy league school, so I wasn’t expecting to see so many large high definition LCD televisions. The people that had them weren’t necessarily wealthy either. If you have a large LCD high definition television in your room, you are basically instantly promoted to having the coolest room among your friends. I must warn you though, people are going to want to hang out in your room and play video games, watch movies, etc so don’t expect much less.

*Sleeping Bags*- This might not be the latest and greatest idea when it comes to dorm room furniture, but I must say having some extra sleeping bags and pillows can really come in handy. These especially come in handy if you have guest sleeping on your floor, or staying the night. You never really know if you or your roommate might have a visitor, so it is most likely worthwhile to carry a sleeping bag and some extra pillows underneath your bed just in case someone does show up.

As you can see there is a lot of fun to be had when entering college. Of course, not all of college is fun and games, but if you have some or all of the things I’ve mentioned above, you’re sure to have a good time with your roommates during your leisure time.