Fun Things to do in College

College is an exciting time. Sadly, college students are known for their parties. If you are a college student who does not party, there are plenty of other fun (and legal) activities for you to do. All you have to do it look for them!

First, visit your school’s student activities office. Even community colleges have one. There are always activities planned throughout the semester, including free or discounted concerts. Most colleges also offer art shows, talent shows, coffee houses, themed dances, book signings, movies nights, and guest speakers. Those are great ways to spend your time and possibly learn something new.

Have a night in with your friends. If you have a TV, invite your hall mates over (ask your roommates first!), pop some popcorn, and have a movie night. You can also have a board game night. Games like Cranium, The Game of Things, and Apples to Apples are a lot of fun.

Go window shopping! Most students are on a limited budget but it’s still fun to shop. Why not just browse the shelves of your favorite stores? If you see something you absolutely want, snap a picture of it and then put it on your Christmas wish list. It’s okay to occasionally splurge and treat yourself to something new.

Check your town to see if they have a dollar theater or if they offer student discounts on certain nights. Movies are a fun way to entertain yourself. Some times, the dollar theaters will offer old classic movies.

Activities like bowling or mini golfing are also fun. Gather some of your friends and have a group date night. Even if you suck at the sports, it’s fun to get together with your friends and laugh the night away.

The zoo or a museum is also a fun option. It is also educational. If you live in a dorm, some zoos or museums may offer a group rate and a special behind the scenes tour. Plan a visit to the zoo as a dorm activity and invite the guy dorm next door.
Even if you don’t know anything about sports, go to the school sporting events. It’s still fun to paint your face, wear your school sweatshirt, and scream at the top of your lungs for your school. Don’t just go to football either. Go to the ice hockey, soccer, and basketball games.

Check to see if your school has intramural teams. You aren’t required to have skill to play. It’s just a fun way to meet new people and scrimmage against fellow students several times a week. Most schools have several sports teams.

Check out the school clubs. If you like to write, chances are, your school has a creative writing club. If you like comic books, there probably is a comic book club. There are usually hundreds of clubs for students to choose from. There many clubs ranging from Anime to Judo. There are also clubs and societies that may relate to your major. If you are looking to network and build your résumé, check those out. Even if you are unsure about your career path, visit several academic societies of interest to get a feel for it.

Many students complain that life is boring if you don’t go to the latest party at the frat house and get wasted. That is not true. There are many fun activities for a college student to take part in that is fun, safe, and legal. The key to finding out what here is to do is to visit your school’s student activities office. Enjoy your college years. They are the best years of your life!