Get the most from Large College Lectures

Sitting among hundreds in an enormous lecture room or huge auditorium can intimidate a student. Additionally, being required to see the tiny figure all the way up front speaking and gesturing can create a feeling of being lost in a crowd. You can make the most out of a large college lecture class by taking some common sense steps before the event, and using intelligent ways to absorb it while you’re there.

1. Do some preliminary preparation: Know what the lecture will include. Read up on the subject, take some notes and anticipate what will be discussed. Determine how the lecture fits in with the course you’re taking, and create ways to make it useful to your studies and for achieving good grades.

2. Listen and learn: In spite of being part of a what may seem to be a confusing mob scene in a large hall, during the lecture, concentrate on getting the most out of the subject being offered. Don’t be distracted by noise or activities going on around you. One way to do it is if there’s an audio hook-up at your seat to the lecturer’s mike. Bring earphones that will shut out extraneous sounds.

3. Take notes: You can do it the old-fashioned way by writing them in a notebook or on your handy laptop or hand-held electronic device. The advantage of recording the lecture will give you opportunities later to go over the information carefully and review it for an upcoming tests and/or to write a required report.

4. Be prepared to participate: Do some pre-class homework on the subject to be covered at the lecture. If it will be live or on live interactive TV, know enough in advance about the subject to ask the lecturer intelligent questions. The exchanges and explanations resulting from your participation can also help if you’re required to write a report on the lecture.

5. Hone up your comprehension skills: Electronics and automation continue to become more sophisticated in education courses. Watching broadcast TV gives the viewer skills in blocking out commercials and other distractions while absorbing the most important elements. Today’s college students need to use those skills to cope with getting the most value from lectures presented as video recordings or online.
You can get the most value from a large college lecture class by knowing how important it will be to your studies and impact on your grades. By taking advantage of both traditional and technical ways to absorb the information, you can assure yourself the best possible results.