Getting along with College Roommate

It can be difficult getting used to your college dorm room living situation. Many things are happening all at once: you have moved out, are on your own, and on your path to starting adulthood. What’s more, you are living with a person who you most likely never saw or met before. This person would be called your roommate. It can be hard getting along with your roommate when you both have completely different personalities. You might be the kind of person who likes to keep everything neat, while your roommate is the messy type. You might be the quiet type, while your roommate is the loud type. So how do you deal with all of this?

It is important to know that, despite whatever differences you hold with your roommate, you two must hold a certain etiquette if you want to get along. For example, both of you should treat each other with respect and learn to communicate. These are the fundamental rules to holding a good relationship. No one person is better than the other. If you do not like something your roommate does, instead of fighting with him or her about it, try to communicate your thoughts in a way that won’t provoke anger. If all else fails, at least try to reach a compromise that you two can follow. For example, if you do not like the way your roommate plays loud music all the time, try to reach an agreement where the music must be kept down whenever you are going to study, and whenever you are out, he or she can play the music.

Also, learning to share is a must. Space and time are limited in college, so there are times when you could be in a hurry. Let’s say your roommate takes up too much time in the bathroom frequently. You need to use it, too, but can’t because your roommate is there. What do you do? Do you retaliate by taking a long time in there as well? No, you again must communicate with each other. Establish the fact that things that are meant to be used by both of you must be shared, such as the bathroom, shower, desk, etc. Try agreeing on how long one can take using whatever they are going to use before the other person does. That way, both of you will have an equal turn, and in the long run the relationship with your roommate would improve.