Getting the most out of your Studying Efforts

Studying requires discipline: first you must make yourself put aside more pleasurable activities and focus on learning new material. Studying also requires preparation: you must have textbooks, handouts, your personal notes, and a computer revved up for your use. Then studying requires repetition: often to get the details of a subject into your head you must recite and often memorize the ideas set before you.

Due to all the components that are essential for effective studying, why not reap the highest benefit from all of this activity?

Study when you will get the most out of all of your effort.

Study when you are most alert. Fret not about what others says should be a great hour of the day for you to study. Discover your own time and use it. If 1AM works for you, then study in that wee small hour of the morning. If you are most alert at 9AM then use that portion of the morning as ideal study time.

Study in a place that will be the least distracting. If you know you like to watch people, then don’t sit by a window or open door where lots of traffic will pass by you. Stay away from noisy places and turn music off or down low. No effective studying will take place if you are looking up to see the sights or you start singing, swaying, and tapping your feet to the tune you are hearing. Refrain from being in places where good smelling foods will find you. Avoid the cafeteria area or eateries, as too often your brain will start to think about that next “good meal” you should have and not the subject at hand.

Study when you are with others that can teach you the material to be learned.  Work with others who can help you to become passionate about the ideas that are to be mastered! Little else makes studying more rewarding than sharing what you think you know with others who can confirm what you know and correct your wrong thinking on a subject!

If at all possible, study when you might have an opportunity to teach what you have learned to someone else. Teaching proves that you have learned a subject: for only if you have really internalized material can you regurgitate in a way that a newcomer can grasp the ideas as well.

Since you are have chosen to study definitely work at ensuring your study time is not wasted and the information becomes a part your working knowledge!