Going Green Practicing Eco Friendly Habits at College

Some people consider being eco-friendly, or going green, as being a waste of time, as they don’t see how the things that they do can make a difference on the grand scale of things.  They also think that it will take time and cost them money. None of these statements are true.

You really can play a part in making a difference to the environment.   When you are studying at college can be an ideal time to start doing this as it has the potential to save you money.

Here are a few ideas on how you can become eco friendly and go green whilst studying at college.


It’s not that difficult to recycle some of your household waste. You can have separate bins for general household waste, plastics, glass and metal cans. If you live in area that collects recyclable rubbish separately, then it is likely that you will be provided with separate coloured bins for collection of different types of recyclable material. If not then there are often recycle collection points positioned in various locations around town. These are often in public car parks and you may even have them in your college grounds.

Don’t drive

If you live close enough to college then you can walk. You can also walk when going out with college friends for the evening. Not only will this reduce your carbon footprint, it will also reduce all your costs that are associated with travelling. If your college is too far away to walk, consider cycling or using public transport. Public transport helps to reduce the carbon footprint as it reduces the number of cars on the roads. There will be some cost for you to travel in this way but it can be reduced by purchasing weekly or monthly travel passes. Also, there are often concessions for students to use public transport.

Use less gas and electricity

Thinking about what you do at home can have a real impact. Simple habits that you can get into, such as turning off all the lights, not leaving electrical items on standby and turning down the heating can all make a difference. Using less gas and electricity can be one of the best and easiest ways of becoming eco-friendly and going green. If you live in student accommodation and are responsible for paying the utility bills, then this will also reduce your living costs.