Going to College while Raising Children

Ten years ago I failed out of college, TWICE. When I first started, I was 17 years old, living with my boyfriend, being pressured by mother, and the single mother of a 4 month old. When I finally gave up on my classes, and refused to register for another quarter, I was carrying with me the weight of a 1.28 GPA.

Life was hard. I wanted to do well. But, I was unorganized, had little to no time management abilities, partied too much, stayed up too late, worked a lot, was constantly fighting with my mom over my grades/behavior/attitude, and had to try to be a mom, too. Obviously, it didn’t work out very well. I went on to spend the next 9 years working in restaurants, bars, and gas stations, just trying to make enough money to support myself and, now, 2 children.

A year and a half ago, I started dating one of my fellow colleagues, and it was the start of something wonderful. Not only was he great with my kids, and in love with me, he was incredibly supportive. Through his encouragement and unending support, I went back to college a year ago. I was under a lot of pressure, on academic probation, and facing 2 years of classes during which I had to pull my GPA up to a 2.8 to qualify for my baccalaureate program.

Not once did his support, encouragement, or conviction in my ability fail. That, I do believe, is the reason behind my eminent success in school. Since then, I have a 3.98 GPA with a cumulative GPA of 2.85. I owe my success to his support and commitment to my success.Anyone planning on going to college with children has a difficult road to travel, but encouragement and support from their loved ones can make anything possible.

I went back to school and took some workshops on time management and organization. I learned to be organized, and to manage my time well. During the school year, I have my own classes to attend, school for my 9 year old (and no buses in my district), daycare for my 2 year old, soccer, basketball, and chess club to transport (and coach) to and from, a house to care for, dishes and laundry to do, and homework for myself and my son to take care of. As anyone can see, I have my plate full.

I believe that any adult planning to go to college while raising children face many of the same daily commitments I do. Effective time management and organization is a must. Desire to succeed and the belief in your ability to do so is required. Above all else, nothing can take the place of true support. Don’t kid yourself. You need it. Latch on to your loved ones and take all the support you can. It’ll help you do anything you need to do. It’ll be your key to success.