Going to College while Raising Children

I am a single mother of three: ages 1, 8, and 10. I am currently pursuing my PhD in Business Administration at the University of Phoenix online. Going back to school has been a challenge. There are a few things that have helped me through the obstacles that are faced when returning to school.

First, it is very important to develop great time management skills. On a daily basis, I create a to-do list. Sometimes, I make a mental note of things that need to be completed, other days I write everything down. I rank the things on the list in order of importance. That way, all of the important items are completed in a timely manner. If things are left on the list, they will be completed to the following day.

Second, I include my children in the things that I do. My children are aware of the goals that I am trying to accomplish. They take an interest in the things that we as parents do. Including them will show them the importance of setting goals, and may also stimulate them to set and accomplish their own goals.

Lastly, complete your school work around your children’s time. Children look forward to the time that they spend with their parents. Children want to talk, especially about things that are going on with them. Always make sure you have that ear available for them. My work schedule varies, so I complete my work while my children are in school or at the daycare center. I also try and complete coursework while the children are sleeping.

There are many obstacles that parents face when trying to go back to school. Always remember, your children are you everything. Do not take time away from them to complete your goals. Work around them. Put their needs first, and they will forever be by your side. Jump over any obstacles and strive to complete your goals. I am doing it while working two jobs, taking care of three children, managing a household, and pursuing another degree. You can do it too!