Going to College while Raising Children

The are many hurdles to jump when you enter college while trying to raise children at the same time. I have three children and I have been in college for three and a half years now. I have managed to stay on the Dean’s list in each semester. Having children at home, you have to learn to balance carpooling, meals, emotions and homework. Each member of the family has to adapt to this environment of a parent in school. If the children are in school, they will need help in the afternoons with homework. They will also have their activities to attend. Making time for all these things is the biggest challenge.

You MUST stay organized. I start each month with making a calendar. What fits on the calendar is what we as a family stick to. We each have our individual lives entwined with one another. I have met several moms in college that all say the same thing; I need more time in the day. Often nights are full of studying while the little ones are sleeping. Morning are full of confusion and sleepy eyes. However, the rewarding feeling of accomplishment is worth all the frustrations. As a parent your children are watching you. They are learning that you have found something you believe is important. Your actions may produce children who understand the importance to get a college degree. When your children grow up, they will be proud of you as a parent for all the sacrifices you made to give them a better life. College is more than a dream; it is an obtainable goal.

Having children while in college has many advantages as well. You can qualify for financial aide in many cases. Professors can connect with you as a peer. Students often want to see your pictures. Many older adults are starting to flood colleges. Many people have started to manage their lives with children while they work. Now college can be treated as a job in most cases. The homework is the big difference. Making room for the homework is the most important part of staying on top in class. Outside projects have been the most challenging part of going to school.