Going to College while Raising Kids

I just graduated from college while being a full time Mom too. This was quite a challenge for me. It was difficult to juggle being a Mom and keeping up with all the demands of a full time college life. Somehow I managed. I had one child when I started college and she was 5 years old. She was diagnosed with ADHD in 1st grade and we had difficulties with her behaving in school so at the end of 1st grade we pulled her out of public school. So to make things a little more challenging I began to home-school her on top of going to school myself. This was not an easy feat and I had a lot of help from my mother. If it were not for my family and my mother I would never have made it through college and still be able to graduate.

It definitely helps to have a supportive, sacrificial family. My mom gave many hours of free childcare so that she could see me graduate. Another thing that really helps is staying on top of the work that each teacher gives you. It is really hard to play the catch-up game on your assignments when your trying to raise kids too. My second child came three years into my college education. I was pregnant and had gestational diabetes at the same time. I could not complete my classes the traditional way because of the problems that I had.

So another thing that helps is to go to a college where the teachers will understand that you are a parent and your kids are a priority. The college I attended was Carson Newman College. I think this type of school was good because they had small classes and an understanding faculty. The faculty truly got to know you as a person and you were not just another person in the class. They helped me when I was pregnant with my second child to complete my classes without having to be in class everyday. I only went in for my final exams. It really worked out well. I then had my second child in the summer so I was able to complete my education in the 5 years that I had planned.

So if you plan on going to college and still raise kids, it is totally worth the effort that you put into it and you can accomplish it. If I can do it than anyone can do it.