Going to University can Benefit for your Social Life

You shouldn’t take the decision to go to university lightly, as it is a big commitment that is going to cost you a significant amount of money. If you go to university you’re going to spend a number of years reading, writing essays and studying hard for exams so that you can obtain a degree and pursue the career you want. However, as well as increasing your job prospects, there are other benefits associated with going to university, particularly when it comes to your social life. Going to university can definitely improve your social life, as you have so many opportunities to meet new people.

When you first arrive at university, it can be a rather intimidating experience, as you don’t know anyone there and if you’re shy you may struggle to approach anyone. However, everyone is in exactly the same boat and you generally find that all the people you come across are friendly and helpful. They are just as desperate to find a friend to talk to as you are and even though you may not speak to each other ever again after your first encounter, you start to feel like you’re part of the student community.

Once you’ve found your feet and settled into your student accommodation you will find there are plenty of chances for you to talk to people, especially if you live in halls, where you’ve living side by side with your fellow students. You can talk to your neighbours and maybe go for a drink in the student bar. Quite often, the university will lay on special events and activities for you to get acquainted with other students. Plus, when you start your course you will be able to talk to other students who are studying the same subject and if you get on, you may decide to go out in future. The prevalence of student bars and coffee shops means that after a lecture you can all go for a drink and chill out.

There are also other ways to meet people when you’re at university, though, as you will soon discover that there are probably hundreds of different clubs and societies that you could join; whether sporting, academic, political or randomly fun. If you decide to become a member of one or two of these groups you will then be able to find like-minded people and have something to do during the week or at the weekend that doesn’t involve drinking (unless you happen to join a wine appreciation group!)

Thus, if you’re looking for ways of making new friends, going to university presents you with the perfect opportunity to do so, as you get to meet a lot of new people and try out activities you haven’t done before, which is certainly going to benefit your social life.