Good Paper English High School Paper College Paper Writing Tips

It is often stressful to write any English paper; whether for High School or for College. English is a subject that, when it comes to papers, is a very biased subject. However, here are a few suggestions to write a good paper.

When it comes to length, for High School, it is safe to assume that the teacher wants a minimum of five paragraphs: one introduction paragraph, 3 body paragraphs, and one conclusion paragraph. However, be sure that you know exactly what the teacher wants before you begin writing the paper. For College students, most papers will be a minimum of two or three pages.

Grammar is a key component to writing an “A” paper. However, don’t become dependent on the spell check option in the writing processor. For instance, one sentence may say, “It is hard too say why scientists agree with this statement.” The spell check will not catch the word “too,” but the context is wrong. One tip to making sure your paper is well-written and well-structured is to read it from the bottom to the top; start from the last sentence, and end with the first one. By doing this, you will catch many grammar and contextual errors you may not see the first time you read through the paper.

There are certain words that seem to be overused (possibly even in this article). Some of these words are “it,” “those,” and “them.” When writing your paper, the reader may not always know who or what those words are referring to. Be specific as much as possible. The word, “it,” for example, only needs to be used one time in a paragraph; never using “it” is more preferred.

Depending on the type of paper written, you may or may not want to use “I.” In a majority of papers written, the last thing the writer wants to use is first person point of view. When writing, for example, a research paper, try not to use contractions, and “you.” Instead of using “you,” use “one.” This prevents anyone from perceiving a person’s words as anything else than intended.

Ultimately, proofread. Proofreading will help to receive a higher grade. Many teachers and professors look for the flow of a paper. You may have a well-written paper with little to no grammatical or contextual errors, but if the flow isn’t there, you may get a lower grade.