Graduate Management Admission Test Gmat gets a Redesign

Many students looking to continue their education and attend graduate school fret over the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). There are many universities that insist upon applicants taking the entry examination before being admitted to their MBA programs.

In two years, 2012, students will be presented with a redesigned GMAT test. This will be the largest change made in over a decade according to The test is owned and administered by Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC).

GMAC is a non-profit organization that globally leads business graduate schools through provision of services, programs and products. They list themselves as a primary resource of information about quality graduate education. GMAC administers the tests and is the test’s creator; the GMAT has been in existence since 1954.

According to GMAC there will be some additions and deletions with the makeover. This redesign has been done in hopes of better reflecting today’s MBA programs and incorporate what students are doing in the classroom.  

The Financial Times states the redesign comes at “a critical time” for GMAC due to growing competition from other graduate test administrators, especially the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). The GRE is a test that is used for all disciplines, unlike the GMAT which is focused on business school.

A new section which has been developed will replace one of two existing writing sections that are currently administered to hopeful graduate students. reports “Test takers will need to interpret charts, graphs, and spreadsheets, determine the relationships among data points, and answer interactive questions that will test their analytical skills.”

GMAC also plans to add an audio component to the exam. Students will be instructed to use headphones and assessors of the test will look at auditory learning styles.

The organization indicates the verbal and math sections that are currently given to test takers will not change.

Apparently these changes were prompted from input from many faculty members from around the world. Their reasoning was they wanted the tests to better reflect what a student’s experience will be in the MBA classroom. This latest update will be the 10th generation of the GMAT. It has not been drastically altered since it computerized back in 1990.

The new version of the GMAT is in pilot status right now. The projected launch date is June 4, 2012 and if all goes as planned before its official debut, graduate students will be taking the new version. The price tag for the revision was reportedly $10 million dollars.