Graduate School Choices for Nurses

Nurses have many options for graduate school, it is the choosing that is different. You have graduated from a two year associate degree nursing school or from a four year university and after a year or so of bedside nursing in a general hospital; you feel a need for further education. What are your choices? Those depend on your specialty. The sky is the limit. You are only limited by your determination and your skills and your ability to pay, and of course your present life style. Whether you decide to become a nurse practitioner, a public health consultant, an editor in nursing education, or a medical writer, there are schools for you.

Nurse Practitioner graduate schools vary according to your specialty. Perhaps during your recent intensive care tour of duty you decided to learn more about critical care, or geriatric nursing, or obstetrics. After you’ve made your decision then you search online for the best offers and find a school that fits your needs. Hopefully you will have the right qualifications and entry will be no problem.

Maybe public health is your choice and you have decided to further your education so that you will be a voice heard where health care is most in need. While in nursing school you saw how inadequate the field is and you want to make this your life choice. There are schools designed specially for you and your needs. All you have to do is to find the one that is best suited to your lower income status. Perhaps a loan will be in the best choice, or maybe you can study part time while working part time in the public health field.

As a writer you want to add your skills to your chosen profession. You want to combine your love for people and your love for writing and you hope to make a difference in this world by contributing insights you learn that should be made known. You want to be an interpreter of health news to those who do not understand medical terminology. Your goal is to help them help themselves and you believe that if you understood more about their health needs, they could do themselves and others a favor by taking better care of themselves. You are somewhat lacking in technical writing skills and need to further your education. There are many schools for you from basic writing coursed to more detailed medical writing programs. All you need to do is to search them out.

Therefore my advice to nurses seeking graduate schools is to methodically plan for the future of your education. First will come the desire, next will be the probability of this happening. Is it feasible? Do you have other commitments that intrude into your plans? Are you a recent graduate and if will your grades allow you entrance into graduate school. How will you finance this new venture? Once you are sure of what you want to do, then search online for choices of schools.

In these days, many online classes are available. I would suggest however, that your course of study not be entirely online but that you have ready access and personal hand on experience so that when you graduate and are ready to apply your new knowledge you will not be lacking in practical experience. For any course of study to be effective, classroom learning must be supplemented with hands on experience.