Gre Tips

Ten Tips for GRE Test Day

Most people face anxiety when they have to take a test and the GRE is no exception. If you have prepared yourself for the exam, don’t let exam day jitters hurt your chances of passing. Use these ten simple tips to help you make test day a breeze.

10. Pack the night before.

Starting off your day searching for your keys or ID is a recipe for stress. Gather everything you need the evening before. You can then relax knowing that you are prepared to leave.

9. Read the question carefully.

Often when test takers begin to rush, they miss key information in the question. Slow down and read the question carefully so that your speed doesn’t cost you correct answers.

8. Don’t spend too long on any one question.

If you find yourself spending a lot of time on one question, it may be to your advantage to move on to the next one. Know how much time you have left and don’t let one question cause you to not get to several others.

7. Guess carefully.

You gain a point on your raw score for every correct answer, but you lose a quarter of a point for each incorrect answer. If you do not know the answer to a question, eliminate any choices that are obviously incorrect. If you can reduce it to only two or three possible choices it may be in your best interest to take an educated guess. However if you cannot eliminate any choices, skip the questions entirely.

6. Wear a watch.

There is no guarantee that there will be a working clock in the room. Wear your own watch so that you can pace yourself.

5. Eat a light, but filling, breakfast.

Eating a heavy meal before test time can make you groggy or sluggish. Not eating anything can cause you to be distracted by a growling stomach. Have a light meal and bring a snack with you for maximum energy.

4. Relax.

Since you will most likely be taking this exam over several days, create a pre-test routine to help you relax. Listening to music that calms you is a wonderful choice. Practice meditation or deep breathing techniques, which you can use if you feel overwhelmed during the test as well.

3. Wear clothes you feel comfortable in.

Also, make sure to wear light layers. The room may be cooler or warmer than you expect, so dressing in layers will allow you to be as comfortable as possible.

2. Practice driving to the test site.

Don’t risk being late to the test. The week before you are taking the test, time how long it takes to drive to the test site. Plan to arrive at least ten minutes early so that you have time to get settled before the test begins.

1. Get a full night’s sleep.

Many people skip this important step before all kinds of tests in favor of cramming. However, at this point it will do more good to let your mind rest. Last minute studying is rarely as helpful to final scores as approaching the test with a clear mind. Get enough sleep and your scores will show the difference.

The GRE is a challenging test but is worth the effort. Take your time on test day to relax and focus. It will pay off in your results.