Guidelines for College Graduates Seeking a Career

Hello College Graduate:

In a few months, don’t be surprised to learn the following:

* 8AM is not early
* Your starting salary is not as much as your senior year’s tuition
* There is no Syllabai for guidance and instruction
* The equivalent to an academic A is very hard work and productivity
* Incomplete is now uncompleted without a chance for completion

Please look deeper than the usual fluff delivered at your graduation. When you begin interviewing, here are 5 W’s for consideration:

* Who- Who is this employer interviewing you? What is their business? How do they stack up in their industry? What were their earnings per share last year? How does it compare to the previous year and the last five years? Who is the CEO? What is their corporate mission?

* What- What is the position you are applying for? What is its growth potential? If the interviewer is skillful, be sure to express expectations and hopes. Also, an astute interviewer expects you to be armed with questions about the organization and the position.

* Why- Please be sure that you are clear you want the job. Express enthusiasm not for the money offered but for the opportunities that mesh with your values and goals. It is critically important to write a follow up letter that day expressing your appreciation and to reiterate why you want this job. The longer you wait to write the letter the less impact it will have. Please remember that employees are hired by the image created. Writing a persuasive well-crafted follow letter is part of that image.

* When/Where- It may appear elementary but take a practice run to the office. Know the route precisely. The rule-of-thumb is to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled interview. If you are late for the interview, you will more than likely be late on the job. Consider bringing a cell phone and call if there is an accident or delay to show your consideration and responsibility.

Please make every effort to practice with a friend, professional or family member. Go beyond the cliche questions of ” What do you expect to be doing 5 years from now’? or ” Tell me about yourself”.

Please be humble by considering the following story: A recent college graduate proudly states he is an A student. The world responds: Sit down son and let me teach you the rest of the alphabet. Please be patient in your job pursuit. Persistence and resilency are the twin pillars of career durability. Good Luck!