Harvard University stands as being one of the world’s oldest and finest universities for students pursuing careers.  The university is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, minutes away from Boston and a few hours’ drive from New York City.  Harvard is known for its excellence in academia.  The university has colleges for law, business, medicine, and more.

Unfortunately, Harvard has a reputation for being extremely competitive.  Chances for admission are slim.  At one point in the school year, 34,950 students applied, but only 2,188 were admitted, making the admission rate about six percent.  So if you wish to further your education at Harvard, there’s a lot of hard work cut out for you.  And it’s more than getting straight A’s and acing SATs.  You have to prove to Harvard University you’re an individual with lots of character and leadership.

Take challenging courses

You must take all the most challenging classes possible.  One wise way to succeed in them is to practice with reading and math continuously throughout elementary and middle school.  So to take Calculus AP for your sophomore year, you must handle Pre-Algebra in sixth grade.  Whenever you schedule before each school year, be ready to choose the highest upper-level courses your high school has, and do your best in them.

Get straight A’s

You must work hard to receive such great grades.  Getting all A’s will please the admissions committee, and they’ll look at your GPA and class rankings, too.  A few students manage to get into Harvard with a B once in a while, but their GPAs were still remarkably high.  Of course, to get straight A’s, you have to study hard, complete all assignments and attend all your classes on time.

Nail the SATs or ACTs

Taking SATs or ACTs is an important step for admission at Harvard.  High school freshmen often think about these tests, which is wonderful.  They’ll have plenty of time to practice until they’re satisfied with their scores and submit them.  SATs are a preview of what college work is like.  There will be plenty of reading, writing, understanding vocabulary, and working with numbers.  To get into Harvard, aim for the highest score possible!  Take the test early, so you’ll have lots of time to improve your scores. 

Participate in extracurricular activities

Ask any Harvard student what school activities he or she is involved with, and you’ll likely hear at least five of them.  Is there something happening in your community that interests you?  The professors at Harvard love students who enjoy working with people and getting acquainted with their school.  You can decide what activity works best for you, whether it’s conducting a concert band, working with your city mayor, being a class president, or taking mission trips.

Harvard is a fun university to spend four years making new friends, researching, and just enjoying New England life in the Boston area.  Commit yourself to plenty of studying and working with your school and community.  Remember, your school counselors are always willing to help you succeed for Harvard, and if you work hard enough, an acceptance letter will soon await you by the front door.