Healthy Eating

So you are in college and you want to eat healthy foods but your budget is telling you to eat baked beans every night! Firstly there are several ways to eat on a budget. Everyone at some point needs to eat better but does not necessarily have the money. The trouble is many people believe that it really is expensive to eat right. The truth is to eat badly is actually worse for your wallet and your health.

For example if you ate a burger and chips from a fast food counter, you would feel full for a couple of hours and then you would probably crave something sweet again. This is because the food you have eaten is full of sugar and so will hit your blood stream quickly, filling you up and then brings you on a come down hence needing more food and so the cycle begins. If you add up how much your quick fix food is costing, I bet you will find that it is more expensive that eating the right foods.

To eat on a budget is simple. Take the power foods that you know are good for you and can fill you up for long periods of time. Eggs are a great source of protein and if eaten in the morning with some avocado, you will be less likely to snack until lunch, where as if you ate a cerial bar or some toast and jam, you will most definitely have a snack around eleven.

Other foods that are great to eat on a budget are green vegetables with a piece of fish or chicken. These foods are not as expensive as you think. 2 Chicken breasts from your local supermarket will cost you an average of £5. A fast fod restaurant will cost you the same and you will be hungry two hours later. You will spend more money loading your body with bad foods rather than good. Another healthy snack on a budget is Greek yogurt with nuts and Cinnamon. This will keep you going for at least three days. It is a great alternative to cake and will fill you up for a price of around £7. For three days this is not bad. Fruit is also not as expensive as you may think and will stop you craving sugar. Omelette’s made with eggs are a great easy option and very good for you. Turkey is one of the best meats around and full of protein. It is also cheap and will cost around £5 for three fillets. Stock up on your greens. Fresh vegetables will last you about five days and will give you good meals.

Any type of fish is great. If you buy from a supermarket packet you will always get at least 2 pieces for around £4. Sweet potatoes are a remarkably great tasting food and better for you that the average potato. They are also much cheaper and you can buy a packet for around £3-4. A sweet potato with cheese and beans is a lovely meal and a low cost one too. And for those who really struggle, baked beans on brown toast with real butter is a very satisfying meal for under £4!

Everyone believes that eating healthily is an expense. It really is not. If you tried to eat healthy for one week on fresh foods such as meats, fish, yogurt, nuts and eggs and tally up the amount you spend. Then the following week buy quick easy microwave foods, cakes, tins of tuna, fast food and so on and then tally up how much you spend. You will find that you will have less food left by the end of the unhealthy week.

Eating healthy on a budget is easy, and will make you feel much better and you will sleep better knowing that you are eating right and saving a few pounds too.