Healthy Food Choices for Students

Eating habits and the successful student can go hand in hand. Being away from home and forced to make food choices for the first time requires some thought. You don’t want to overload on takeout or limited vending machine choices. Eating healthy will require some preparation.

Growing up, parents will pass down favorite recipes. Hopefully, they’ll even pass along some food before you go off to school. But as you forage alone, shopping for food becomes the furthest notion from your mind UNTIL hunger strikes! You want to avoid shopping while wanton of morsels. So, plan ahead to avoid letting hunger get the best of you.

You can buy foods in bulk that won’t spoil. Dried fruits will keep a long time. You can also stock up on rice or pasta and mix these with chopped veggies and top with favorite spices or oils. These foods should last year long.

Consider a trip to a health food store. There is likely one in every college town. You can find recommended foods there. And it wouldn’t hurt to take vitamins, if you feel your eating habits are deficient.

Shop weekly for fresh foods like fruits like bananas, apples, grapes for fruit. Also, keep celery, carrots or raisins on hand to munch on. Power bars and granola also helps you stock a backpack for your treks between classes and sates sudden pangs for nourishment. Avoid candy as much as possible.

What you drink is important. Milk, juice and water are the essentials. You don’t need fancy flavored coffees. You can make occasional exceptions for stimulants when you have to cram for a test.

Eating out can pose a dilemma. Don’t get too elaborate. You’ve likely on a fixed income. Subway or other sandwich shops offer healthy choices. Pizza with the right toppings can also be a nutrional choice if you go meatless or add toppings like pineapple.

Prepare your meals ahead. But if you don’t have time, the grocery department deli is a good choice. All kinds of healthy choices await from pasta salads to chopped veggies and fruits. You can buy deli meats and bread to make sandwiches. Buy string cheese for calcium.

If you plan ahead and keep healthy snacks around, you should be all right. And you can do it for very little money if you consider shopping in bulk or going to places like dollar stores or day-old bakeries.