Highest Earning College Degrees

With college expenses on the rise, it’s good for students to look ahead at potential starting salaries in different careers. Here are the top 10 salaries for students just coming out of college with a bachelor’s degree. All of these careers require strong math skills.

#10- Economics

Students who study Economics can expect to make an entry level $48,800 a year. They will use their knowledge of economic systems to analyze changes in markets and act on them. Economics students often become research assistants, salespeople, or use it to further higher level studies in business, economics, and law.

#9- Computer Engineering

In this profession, students learn how to design and build better computers. Computer Engineering nets annual salaries of $61,200 for new workers. People with strong technical and math skills are strong candidates for computer engineering.

#8- Physics

Physics majors understand the laws of nature and how they apply mathematically to many situations.  They can become lab assistants, teachers, researchers, and scientists. The pay isn’t bad either, with an average mid-career salary of $99,600.

#7- Biomedical Engineering

These engineers design and build better devices to improve medical technology. Strong math and biology skills are required for these jobs, and the beginning annual paycheck is about $54,800. Demand for biomedical engineers is higher than any other profession, as many of the baby boomers are aging.

#6- Applied Mathematics

This field requires very strong mathematics skills. College students should be ready to base their careers around math and how it applies to engineering and other science professions.  First time college graduates will make about $56,400, with plenty of room for pay raises.

#5- Nuclear Engineering

These scientists design safer nuclear facilities and ways to harness atomic power. It’s a smaller field, but pays out around $63,900 for a starting position.  Nuclear engineers need good math and chemistry skills as they pursue their degree.

#4- Electrical Engineering

Students learn how to build and design circuits, as well as improve electronic technology. Electrical engineers design and test new electronic equipment, from computer chips to supercomputers. This career begins with an annual salary of about $60,800 for college graduates.

#3- Chemical Engineering

Students who study Chemical Engineering will need a strong grasp of math and chemistry concepts, as they will use their knowledge to design ways to produce better chemicals. Though it may be hard, chemical engineering ends up pays out quite well, with an average starting salary of $64,000.

#2- Aerospace Engineering

In this field, students learn how to design airplanes and spacecraft. They must be dedicated and strong in physics and math areas. Aerospace engineers can work for the government or private sector, but they’re sure to make good money either way- midway through their career, most of them will be earning over $100,000 a year.

#1- Petroleum Engineering

The highest-paying career for college graduates involves the extraction of oil from the earth. Petroleum engineers design better and safer ways to locate and mine oil from the depths, as well as develop methods of refining it. Petroleum engineers are rewarded handsomely for their efforts, with average starting salaries of $93,000!