Homesickness in your Freshman Year

As exciting as your initial breath of freedom will be when you get to college, it won’t be unusual that you’ll also feel the pangs of homesickness early in your freshman year.

Being away from your family and other areas of your home life for the first time can cause feelings you may at first find difficult to overcome. You’ll miss neighborhood friends, home cooking, comfortable room, local teen hangouts, doting parents and even that pesky little brother of yours.

How can you find ways to deal with those pangs of homesickness? Some suggestions may help you overcome the unhappy feelings and allow you to get on with your exciting new life.

1. It’s temporary: Homesickness is natural for most freshmen, and there’s usually no need to go to a lot of trouble to fight it. After you get busy with your college activities, it will be sure to fade away.

2. If it lingers: If you believe homesickness is interfering with your class and study schedules, make an appointment to talk to one or more campus counselors. They’re there for you, and you won’t be the only freshman who ever came asking for help. Don’t be too shy, because you’ll find that they have had lots of experience guiding freshmen through the steps to get over the problem.

3. Get over it: You can try the shock method, the way a boxer gets ready for a bout by taking a few punches. Tell yourself you’re now a college student and and an adult now. Make yourself realize that it’s time you started acting like one.
4. Get out and mingle: Just because you’re feeling sorry for yourself, that’s no reason to sit around in your room moping about missing your family. Don’t be a loner, get out into campus life, attend student events, make new friends, join clubs and participate in sports.

5. You don’t have to cut the cord totally: When you feel a bit homesick, there are always ways to keep in touch. If you have the electronic doodads, communicate with the family with email, Facebook, tweets and other ways to keep in touch. If your computer and the one at home both have Skype, have some on-screen face-to-face talks with your mom and dad, and even with that pesky little brother.

You can find many ways to chase away feelings of homesickness during your freshman year at college. Actually, if you immerse yourself completely into your exciting new campus life, homesickness will just fade away all by itself.