How an Active Social Life can help you Academically while in College

Take my word for it, the most important thing that you can do to make your academics better is to have an active social life. College is a hard thing to get through, and you will need something to use as motivation for those long hard days in class. One of the best ways to get through the class periods is to have something to look forward to after class.

I remember my freshman year, and how the first few weeks of school were just so hard to get through. I had no friends, and had no real social life yet. It didn’t help that I was a commuter, and most of my high school friends were out of town for school. However, after making a little bit of an effort, I started making some friendships at school.

That really helped me get through school, and my grades improved because of it. Knowing that I would have some time to have fun after doing school work, I was able to focus more on school. I wasn’t worried that spending all night doing homework would result in just another day of going to class, and then just going home again.

I had the motivation to get through those hard mornings because the nights before were spent having fun, and having a life. A social life is a needed break from the rigors of school, and you can’t be all work and no play. You need something to do to blow off steam, and to be able to hang out with other people without having it be because of work.

If you have a good work-life balance in anything, you will do much better. You can’t be an island, and you can’t devote your whole college experience to just doing homework. True, you need to spend a lot of time doing homework, but you have to allow for some fun times as well. Even if you just get together with people a couple nights for a movie, or anything that lets you take a break from work to recharge.

A good social life will help you out academically because having a good group of friends will help you take your mind off of work every so often. When you spend so many hours in the library, you want to just be able to go out for a drink, or watch a movie and just relax with people afterward. Trust me, if you don’t have that group, you will find college to be stressful and boring.