How can College Students help each other during Finals without Cheating

Finals- that is a word that most college students dread. During finals week, a student will log in long hours into the library. They will study late into the night. Students may even turn to their classmates for help. The question is, is getting help from your classmates cheating? It is thought not. You can get help from your classmates before the exam and it is not cheating. Forming study groups, comparing answers on study guides, and asking another student to tutor you is not cheating.

The most popular way to receive help on exams is to form a study group. It is smart to start a study group in the beginning of the semester so you can also study for general exams and not cram the night before your final. At the beginning of the year, ask a few classmates from a class you know you will need help in to meet once a week in the school library for at least an hour. Each week you can study the topics that your professor will be lecturing on during class that week. Set a schedule based on your syllabus and keep up with it. On reading day, your group can meet and have a review session for the exam.

If you compare answers on a study guide, you are not cheating as long as you do not copy another student’s answers. Make sure you attempt to answer every question before you go over the guide with another student. This can help you both to double check your answers. If there is an issue on one of the questions, you both can research it together.

Finally, asking another student to tutor you is a way to prepare for your final. If you are having trouble in a certain class, head over to your school’s tutoring center. Many students volunteer their time to help struggling students succeed in their studies. This is an option that you will want to start early in the semester so you can be ready and confident exam week.

All of these options are ways to get help on your exams without cheating. As long as you do not cheat on the actual exam, you will be fine. Preparing yourself for an exam ahead of time is a logical and an ethical way of making sure you pass your exams.