How going to University could Boost your self Esteem

University offers you a very different experience to high school, as there is no one there to tell you what to do. Of course, it is expected that you will attend lectures and tutorials, complete essays and turn up for exams. Indeed, you can’t expect to come away with a degree if you don’t, but there is a greater sense of freedom at university. You are studying the subject you want and you can write essays on particular topics that interest you. Whereas high school can sap your self-esteem and leave you questioning your abilities, university can actually do the opposite.

At university you’re obviously encouraged to find particular topics and areas that interest and to build on your strengths, whilst also getting you to work on improving any weaknesses you may have. The main thing is that there is flexibility in what you’re able to write about and concentrate your efforts on. Although you will need to attend lectures and seminars week in, week out and listen to lectures on topics that don’t particularly interest you, you have to do this in order to see the bigger picture of the subject you’re studying. When it comes to being assessed, though, you can choose which essay questions you want to answer, which you can also do during exams.

This will inevitably help you perform better because if you’re writing about something that interests you, you won’t mind making the effort to take extra notes and read articles and books on that particular topic. When you receive good grades, this will obviously give your self-esteem boost and make you realise that you’re not as dumb as you have a habit of telling yourself you are. You will have to accept that you’re actually pretty intelligent, which you must have been all along to get into university in the first place.

University is more than just learning, though, as you have an opportunity to meet new people and experience different things. University can be a rather intimidating place at first, especially when you’re not very confident, but you will soon adapt to the situation you find yourself in. After all, virtually all the first year students are in the same boat as you, being away from home for the first time and not knowing anybody else.

This should hopefully make it easier for you to socialise when you realise that everyone is as anxious as you are and you’ll soon have made some friends and feel proud of yourself for having decided to take the step to go to university. Your self-esteem will almost definitely receive a boost during your time at university if you make the most of all that is on offer there.