How Job Shadowing can help you Choose your College Major

Choosing a college major is important enough that doing some footwork is worth your while. One of the most valuable experiences you can have to help you with this decision is job shadowing. The transition from high school to college is often difficult and filled with uncertainty, but job shadowing can go a long way to prepare you. It can help you make your way into college without undue frustration in deciding where to focus your studies, and give you a better idea of where you will find a meaningful and rewarding career.

The uncertainty of deciding your major is one of the things that contributes to college jitters. If you are unsure of your goals, as many high school students are, getting a first-hand look at the possibilities will help get you on the path that’s right for you. Observation of people who actually work in your field(s)of interest can be amazingly enlightening. It can help you get an idea of whether a certain career is right for you, or if you need to rethink your choice. Shadowing professionals in several settings is a valuable approach. Some high schools offer shadowing programs that allow students to gain insight into the professions that interest them most. Most colleges look favorably upon a student’s participation in high school shadowing and observation programs.

For those interested in a legal profession, interning with a law firm or volunteering in law-related activities is a good way to get inside information on the legal working environment. Medical careers are best explored by shadowing those professionals who do the work you envision yourself doing. Teaching careers offer possibilities for shadowing that may be somewhat easier to access. Different perspectives on teaching can be gained by shadowing educators who teach various subjects, and who have different approaches to education.

Whatever your interest, shadowing will help you narrow down the possibilities and perhaps have a clearer focus upon entering college. Your transition from high school to college does not have to be a time of confusion or frustration if you have been able to define a clearer path for yourself and your education. Job shadowing is certainly an efficient and practical way to get the information that will help you make informed choices.