How Job Shadowing can help you Choose your College Major

When considering a college major, one of the best resources to help guide you through the decision-making process is the opportunity to participate in a job shadowing program. Job shadowing will allow you the unique opportunity to explore and research various career tracks while helping you decide on a college major. Participating in a job shadowing, or career-exploration program, will help you gain first-hand knowledge about a particular career path. Along with gaining first-hand knowledge about a particular career, you’ll also define your future career goals through job shadowing, or career exploration opportunities.

How job shadowing can help you choose your college major

* Planning / Implementing. Through job shadowing, you’ll have the opportunity to observe a typical work day. You’ll spend some time “shadowing” an experienced employee in the actual; work environment. During this time, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about the job, and learn about the educational requirements for the job. If you determine that the particular career and work environment fit your ideal career, then you should schedule to meet with your college academic adviser to begin planning your studies and working towards your career goal.

* Real-World Experience. Spending some time job shadowing various career options will help you gain real-world experience. You’ll get the “feel” of the office environment or the “taste” of what will be expected from you. Based on your observations, you can determine if you want to continue to pursue a particular career / college major, or if you should pursue something different.

* Career-Exploration. Through career-exploration, or job shadowing, you’ll also have the opportunity to determine if the college you’re planning to attend offers the educational program to prepare you for a particular career. Job shadowing, internet resources, visits to college campuses, and meeting with your college academic adviser will help you choose your college major.

* Work Environment. Do you prefer to work in a plush office environment or a busy, fast-paced environment? Job shadowing and observing typical work environments will also help you decide on your college major because you’ll gain insight into various work environments. Following an experienced employee throughout your job shadowing experience will help you determine your ideal work environment. Observe the office, the conversations, and the overall work environment. Ask questions. If you’re satisfied with a particular career and work environment, you can choose a college major that will prepare you for the job.

* Opportunities. Through participating in various job shadowing opportunities, you may even get the opportunity to network with several hiring managers. You can learn the requirements of the job, and tailor your college major to prepare you for entry into the workforce. Job shadowing brings textbook learning into focus, you’ll now have the opportunity to experience careers that interest you first-hand, while deciding which major would best prepare you for the job.