How Parents can help their College Freshman Adjust to Living alone for the first Time

Living alone for the first time can be scary for students at first. They are going to be waking up on their own and making their own breakfast, lunch and dinner — not to mention paying their own bills for the first time. Living alone does not have to be hard or dreadful. Parents can teach their children the basics of living alone before the time comes to drop them off at college. Some lessons about living alone include how to do their own laundry, cook on their own, clean up after themselves and even pitch in for groceries with their roommates.

One of the things that most college students have the most trouble adjusting to is cooking. Cooking can be difficult if students do not know how to prepare anything. Parents can teach their kids how to make simple foods such as pastas, eggs and sandwiches, and even surprise them with prepared meals that can last them for the first week that they live alone.

If parents are really worried about how their students will adjust to living alone or with a roommate, they can make a habit of calling their students to check on them and help them start their day. Parents can help their kids adjust to living alone much faster by letting them see how well they are doing living alone for the first time.

Living alone can be hard for students who are very close to their parents, which is why parents and students can set a time each day where they can talk to one another and catch up.

Keeping an open line of communication with students is a great way to be involved in their lives, and to find out where they are having the hardest time adjusting, and how much help they need.

There are several ways that parents can help their students adjust to living alone for the first time, and it can all be done before they have to leave. Parents can set a time when they can teach their children the basics of living alone, such as doing laundry, cooking for themselves or cooking for others. These can be extremely valuable lessons for both parents and children. Once students learn how to do things on their own at home, they will find that doing things on their own while living alone is that much simpler.