How Students can have more Input in Decisions Made by Administration

Administrators have a big task of making changes in any setting, be it a school or an organization. Sometimes it can be hard to make decisions for schools. Students can be very volatile at times and in many cases they may not like what the administration of the school has decided on issues that directly concern the students. It is a good idea when the input of students can be used when it comes to making decisions that affect them.

Inform- The school administration has to take the initiative to tell the students of how their input and involvement is required with certain issues that have risen at school or it may be a change in policy. It is very important to pick the minds of the students before the school administrations makes changes that will affect the students school life. When the students are informed of their involvement then they can come up with ideas that will work well for them without compromising any authority or standards set by the school. When there is transparency in the whole process then the students will trust the administration and they will have a strong bond between the school administration and the students.

Interaction- It is a good thing when students and the administrators of the school interact more often regarding issues pertaining to the welfare of the students in the school. When there is a cohesive relationship between the students and the administrators of the school, then there will be a forum of exchanging ideas on how to make the school better, and how to implement and make systems work. The students will be able to provide precise feedback of the issues raised.

Suggestion boxes and Forums- There is also another way where the students input can be used, by encouraging the students make suggestions and advice the school administrator what will work well. Forums where students freely speak about issues is also a good idea, this will help the administrators get to know how the students feel about certain policies.

The student body leaders should be able to communicate well and bridge the gap between the students and administrators about any issues or areas of concern that need to be improved. When the student leaders are invited for meetings with the administrators where they can represent the students views and then can also help the administrators look at matter from their perspective and come to a common ground regarding the areas of concern.

There some decisions that have to be made with the students consent if ,the administrators want to avoid any grievances and complaints from the students. There are matters that will need a big input from the students if the administrators want to see a smooth running of the entire process. Students should be involved in the strategic planning for the school if the program is to  succeed. One of the ways of involving students is by the use of a website forum like a school blog, where students can post their thoughts about the issues raised or any new or change of policies.