How Students can have more Input in Decisions Made by Administration

Here are practical guidelines that students can follow to have more input in decisions made by administrator:

Write a letter

Write a letter directly to the head of the administration. The letter should clearly state the issues concerned and the suggestions of the students. Be mindful to convey your message in a polite manner. It would be better if you write and send the message as a class. A letter from a single student may not completely draw the attention of the administration, but a letter that is written and sent by the entire class will surely capture the interest of the administration. Write well and convey your concerns clearly.

Tell your professor

Your suggestions will have more weight if they are supported by your professor or any professor in your school. Moreover, the professors, to some extent, have an influence over the administration. Your professor can also keep you informed with the specific issues that the school is currently facing and they can also help you expound on your ideas.

Go straight to the head of the administration

Students have the right to be heard. Exercise this simple right and personally talk directly to the head of the administration. Share with him your suggestions in a polite manner. Do not be shy; the administration will appreciate your suggestions; in fact, it would be beneficial for them to hear the voice of the students.

Create an active group

Create a group that will advance the interests of the school. If the said organization earns a good reputation at school, its voice will have more credibility to be heard. Note: Only include active and passionate students who will surely and completely pursue the visions and objectives of the organization.


In most school programs, the administration allows the students to take an active participation. In fact, at the end of each seminar, you are free to voice out your concerns.

Extra measure

This is not for everyone: Resist the administration. If you are hard-pressed by an unjust administration that simply refuses to listen, be courageous enough to fight against it. If you manage to put enough pressure on the administration, it will most likely consider your concerns the next time it makes a decision.   


Although the task of the said decision-making is imposed mainly on the administration, it does not mean that the students can no longer exercise their right to be heard. After all, the main goal of the administration (other than increasing the profit) is to advance the interests of the students in terms of education; hence, it would be ideal for the administration to hear the voice of the students because the same is the voice of their people.