How Students can still have Fun on a Budget in College

Even when students are on a budget, they can still manage to have fun. College is all about experimenting, and trying out new things, being on a budget should not stop students from having the time of their lives. If students are on a budget, planning things in advance helps immensely when they do not have a lot of money. 

There are several ways that students can enjoy doing almost everything that other college students would do, when they have the means to do it. 

1. Plan things in advance. So, you do not have a lot of cash, and the little that you do have, is going to go towards tuition, so tell your friends that you are on a budget, and saving up to do more things later. Even if you cannot enjoy a nice night out at a club, it does not mean that you cannot still go out and get a bite to eat with your friends later. 

2. Eat before you go out, OR pack a lunch. More and more people are trying this new way of saving money, and it helps them save a good $200 a month on food alone. If you do not have the cash to eat out in a restaurant like your friends do, then pack a lunch, so you only have to order dessert. This can save you a lot of money through out the month. 

3. Get rid of what you do not need, and make cash from it. If you need more clothes for say, a job interview, or you are tired of wearing the same old clothes everywhere, then get rid of them. There are plenty of stores that will buy clothes, or give you store credit. This is perfect for college students that want to have new things, but simply cannot afford to get them. 

4. Try dollar movies once in a while. If your friends love to watch movies, tell them to try dollar movies. OR rent movies from Red Box. This alone can mount up to big savings!

5. Ride your bike. Who needs a car in college when you can ride your bike! Believe it or not, The majority of college students are trading their vehicles for bikes because gas prices are just too much for them to handle. So, save money, and be green.

There are even more ways to save money, and still have a blast in college, just do a bit of research.