How to Achieve Academic Success at College

How does a person succeed in college? Many people dream of going, but most have two fears: finance and academic achievement. If they can pay for college or get financial aid, then they fear they will flunk out and waste their hard-earned money. While it is true that college can be difficult, and many wind up failing. It is also true that some students do better in college than they did in high school.

How does this happen? One reason is that by the time they enter college most students are older, more mature and ready to take on the responsibility of ensuring their future. High school was when they learned who they were and what they wanted, and college is where they are given the tools to get it.

So, how do they go about becoming successful in college?

First, they must take the right classes.  Academic advisers can tell students what they need to take to fulfill the requirements for their degree. In addition to degree requirements there are also general education requirements and electives. To ensure success, a college student must take all required courses and elective courses to round out their curriculum.

Second, students should pair difficult classes or classes they do not particularly like with those they like or find easier. It will make the semester more interesting and fun, and it will help their grade point average. For example, after sitting in physics or calculus, they might take drama, literature or art to unwind.

Third, they should not overload their circuits. Four courses (twelve hours) is a full load. Should they take more? Maybe not. If they want to keep their GPAs up, they should not take more than four or five classes a semester or quarter. That will allow them plenty time to study.

Fourth, if having trouble in a certain subject, they should get help immediately. They shouldn’t wait until it’s time for midterms or finals. They should see a tutor or join a study group while there is still time.

Fifth, they should attend class regularly. How can they succeed if they are not there? Many students cut class to be with their friends or they stay out late at night and don’t have the energy to get up in the morning. If a student develops that habit, they will have trouble in college. Going to class is a must for academic achievement. Honor students are always present and on time.

Sixth, they should be prepared. They should study and do their homework. If possible, they should join a study group or find a good study buddy. They should spend at least two hours a week studying each subject they are taking. They should turn in assignments when they are do and make up work they have missed.

Seventh, they should also learn to relax and have fun. Going to college is important, but it is important to find time for friends, loved ones, entertainment and recreation too. Getting away from the books for a few hours will renew the spirit and give strength for the long haul.

It takes four years to get a bachelor’s degree. During that time, truly successful students learn how to work hard and play hard too.