How to Afford Overly Expensive College Textbooks

University is expensive. In the United Kingdom, tuition fees are set to rise and it is always more expensive to live away from home than you anticipate it will be. If you are not to leave university with huge debts, you have to economize. One area where you can reduce expenditure is the amount that you spend on textbooks. College textbooks are expensive and for some subjects they are eye-wateringly dear. You need to wax clever, if you are not to spend enormous amounts on your textbooks.

You do not necessarily need all the books stated on the reading list. Sometimes tutors put the name of every book on their subject that they can think of on the reading list to make it look impressive. Do not buy any books for any of your modules until you have had your first class. Your tutor will tell you which books are strictly necessary and which are nice to have. Tutors are aware that many students need to watch their pennies carefully and there is no need at all to be embarassed.

Sometimes you may only need a book for a small section of the course. I bought an expensive book for one module at college, only to find that we used it for two pages only. If you only need a small section of a book, you might be able to borrow it from your local library or from a friend.

Before you come to actually buy your college textbooks, compare some prices. The university bookshop may well be cheaper than elsewhere, but it is not necessarily so. Some on line bookshops that offer huge discounts on college books. A little work on an internet search engine will yield a welter of offers.

Unless you are doing a course where your textbooks absolutely need to be the latest edition, consider buying your textbooks second hand. The latest edition of any textbook is the most expensive. If there is little change between new edition and the last edition, it still might be worth buying your books second hand. Look on the college, faculty or students notice board in college you will see little cards written by last year’s students selling their textbooks. The college website may also have advertisements selling used textbooks.

You can reduce your spending on college textbooks, but you have to be clever. Discover what is truly necessary for your course, before you spend anything at all. Find the cheapest place to buy your textbooks, whether new or second hand. Remember, when you come to the end of the semester’s, or year’s, module that you can sell your textbooks. Newer students just beginning your module will want to save money too. In these ways you can afford overly expensive college textbooks.