How to Afford the High Price of College Textbooks

One of the first things you learn when you start college is that textbooks are quite pricey. I was fairly surprised when my books for my first semester at my university were around $400.00. College books can get very expensive no matter what your major is. Luckily, there are several ways that you can cut down on the price of college textbooks. The lowest priced college textbooks are online. They are cheaper than books at the university or retail store and always in stock. Reputable places include,, and

If you need your books right away, or don’t buy things online, skip the new editions and buy used books. The sooner you buy your books, the more used books the university store will have. It is also best not to buy the newest edition unless you absolutely need it. Older editions are much cheaper and are mostly the same as the newest edition. You do not have to worry about keeping them in good shape and they are less likely to be stolen than new books. Sharing books is a great idea if you know a classmate since you can split the cost of books.

Sometimes the professor may have an extra copy of the book on hand or will be willing to loan you their personal copy. Students sometimes leave copies of books behind in the classroom at the end of the semester, so don’t be afraid to ask. Also, make sure you know how many pages of the book the professor wants to use. If the professor only pans to use twenty of thirty pages of the book, there’s no need to waste thirty or forty dollars on buying the whole thing.

You can also make your books more affordable is to make some money back on them. Once the semester is over, you’re free to sell your books or swap them with other students. It’s best to avoid selling your books to your university store unless they’re in extremely good shape. Most university stores won’t give you more than half your money back for your books. Your best is to sell your books yourself. You can sell them online or you can sell them to students who are about to take the same classes.

If you still don’t have enough money for all your books, education or bank loans are good options. However you pay for your books, don’t pay for them with a credit card unless you absolutely have to. With high interest rates and monthly payments, you’re likely to spend a lot more for the books than you need to. If you use a credit card, you’re also likely to pick up some things that you don’t need whether you’re shopping in person or online. Stay away from credit cards period if you can. They’re nothing but trouble, especially if you don’t know how to use them correctly. Having maxed out credit cards meanx that you’ll have to worry about more than affording the cost of college textbooks.