How to Apply for a Pell Grant

A Pell Grant is money that is given to a student for college which he or she is not required to pay back. It is very easy to apply for a Pell Grant and does not take long for a person to find out if he or she has been approved for the grant.

The first thing to do is go to and apply for a PIN. The PIN is an applicant’s own personal identification number. When on the Fafsa website click on the link that says “pin site”. This site will guide the applicant through the process of applying for a PIN. There are several ways a person can find out his or her own PIN number: postal mail, e-mail, online, or create your own.

The first time that you use the Fafsa web site they will ask for a password, remember to keep this handy for future use.

Next get the college code from the college that you will be attending, there will be a place on the application to submit this code. This will ensure that the grant goes to the proper college. To get this code call the admissions office of the college you plan to attend.

Once the PIN has been created go back to and begin the application process. This process is very simple. Click on Start here where they will ask for your social security number and date of birth. The next steps will be financial and tax information. Be sure to have all of this information handy to make the process run more smoothly.  They will also ask for the school code during the application process.

If for some reason you have to stop the process click on save and exit. This will save all of the information already entered and make it easier to come back and finish. To return to the application go to the website again and click on “continue your fafsa.” They will ask for your name, birthdate and Social Security number and password. You can then continue where you left off.

After all information is entered Fafsa will require an electronic signature, agree to the terms and make sure that all sign the form.

It is that easy, just kick back and wait for an e-mail notification stating that your application has been accepted. Then you will hear from your college letting you know how the money will be disbursed and how much of a Pell Grant you have received.

Applying for a Pell Grant is very easy. Most important, remember to be sure to apply at the beginning of each year to ensure yourself the top grant payment.