How to Apply for a Pell Grant

Applying for a Federal Pell Grant, also known as Federal Financial Aid, should be rather easy for the most part. There are numerous sources that one can refer to when looking to get funding from the Federal Pell Grant. The first thing you need to do is determine whether or not you are eligible for financial aid. Keep in mind that once you qualify for the Federal Pell Grant, you have a limit for up to eighteen semesters or an equivalent. But, you can receive up to two Pell Grants a year if you want to accelerate your coursework according to the website called College Board.

An eHow article on the matter says that the first thing you must do is see if you even qualify. So far, your GPA (grade point average) does not matter. You simply have to meet the criteria of qualifying for financial assistance from the Pell Grant. College Board lists the requirements for eligibility: the applicant is an undergraduate that does not yet have a bachelor’s degree, a United States citizen or an eligible non-citizen, and have a high school diploma or a GED.

If you have dual-citizenship with the United States, you should be able to get financial assistance via the Pell Grant if you go to a US college or university. You can be a United States citizen by birth (law of the blood, law of the soil) or naturalization.

Should you meet the qualifications, you need to apply early. The Pell Grant application deadline, each year, is during spring. These funds are a first-come and first-serve basis for the most part.

Be sure to get all the important and crucial financial documents of the last year.

Afterward, you simply fill out the application form. If you are claimed as a dependent, your parent will have to fill out the form. You can fill out the form physically or electronically. For those that fill out the form physically, they can get the copy of the FAFSA from the college financial aid office. After you fill it out, you send it in.

If you wish to fill out the form electronically, you need to go onto the website for FAFSA. The questions on the electronic form are the same on the physical printed form. There is an eHow article on how to properly do this. Luckily, when using the electronic form, you can save all your information. If something happens that causes the connection or the power to go out, you can come back to the website later and finish completing the form. Also, be sure to apply for the PIN number. Having the PIN number will make the application process go easier. Keep in mind, the electronic application has the same deadline as the physical application.