How to Avoid Distractions when Studying at Home

Studying from home offers you convenience and comfort, but, unfortunately, there are also many distractions at home which can make it difficult for you to concentrate on the work you should be doing. Instead of getting on with your reading or essay writing, you find yourself switching on the television and flipping through the channels or wandering to the kitchen to fetch yourself something to eat. It’s amazing how much time you can waste doing not very much at all! That is why it is sometimes better to study in the library, where there are few distractions, other than the sound of pages turning and the scratching of pens against paper.

However, you don’t always have an option. The library could be too busy so that there are no seats available. Alternatively, the weather or your physical condition may preclude you from leaving the house, or you may have children that need looking after. You therefore have to find a way to work from home without getting too distracted. It helps if you have a dedicated workspace, as if you’re just balancing a notebook on your knee whilst holding a textbook in your hand it’s going to be a struggle to focus properly.

Besides, if you’re sat at a desk not only will you feel more comfortable, you are less likely to be disturbed. If your children, partner or housemates can see that you’re sitting at a desk they will realise that you’re working and that you can’t be disturbed. If they don’t bother to interrupt you, your mind is less likely to wander. It is usually when somebody starts talking to you or asking you to do something that you use it as an excuse to abandon the books and once you’ve done that it’s hard to motivate yourself to go back.

You’re less likely to get distracted by the television if you’re sitting away from it, at your desk. The Internet can be a temptation, though, which is why you shouldn’t switch the computer on unless you really need it. If you do need to use the Internet you should stick to sites that are relevant to what you’re studying, as otherwise you could find yourself playing games or reading celebrity gossip pages.

Although you have to spend some of your time studying, you also need to designate some time to take a break. If you don’t, you will find it harder to focus on what you’re reading and you will grow rather tired, so that the time you spend studying won’t be used as productively as it could be. You have to make sure you get the right balance between studying and rest breaks, though, with more of the former than the latter! Once you learn to avoid distractions you will be able to get much more work done.