How to Avoid Ironing

With never-ending assignments to finish, lectures to attend, and of course, parties to go to, who has the time to worry about such mundane things as the ironing? However, if leaving your room in a wrinkled shirt just isn’t your thing, there are some steps you can take to minimize and even eliminate that dreaded chore.

Buy wrinkle-free shirts

The most obvious thing to do is to get clothes that don’t wrinkle in the first place. Wrinkle-free shirts are widely and cheaply available, so add a few to your wardrobe for those occasions where you can’t get away with the just got out of bed look.

Get your clothes out of the dryer fast

You don’t have to babysit the dryer while it does its job, but setting an alarm to remind you when your clothes will be ready is a good idea. As soon as the dryer stops spinning, remove your clothes and fold or hang them. If you do this while the clothes are still warm, they are less likely to require ironing. Your clothes will also be less likely to end up in a heap on the floor, or worse, stolen, if you are using a communal laundry.

Don’t overload the dryer

A dryer is usually twice the size of a washing machine, so it’s tempting to put two washer loads in at once. However, not all machines are created equal. The dryer needs to be large in order to give the clothes more room to tumble and dry evenly. Overloading the dryer will result in slightly damp, and worse, crushed and wrinkled clothes, so avoid this rookie mistake.

Use a dryer sheet

Dryer sheets help to reduce static, soften clothes and keep them wrinkle free while they are in the dryer. If you use scented ones, your clothes will smell good too. For added anti-wrinkle effect, spritz the dryer sheet with some liquid fabric softener before putting it in the dryer.

Use the Permanent Press cycle

The Permanent Press cycle was designed to keep wrinkle-free fabrics wrinkle-free for longer. Usually, these fabrics are processed with methanol, but many washings will cause the material to lose its wrinkle-free properties. A permanent press cycle is more gentle on your clothes as it typically doesn’t spin your clothes around as much and it also includes a cool down period at the end. Both of these combine to reduce the wrinkles in your clothes.

Hang your clothes up while you’re in the shower

Have you heard of a steam iron? The steam generated by your shower will get the wrinkles out of your clothes in much the same way. Just make sure you hang the clothes in a place where ithey won’t get wet.