How to balance good grades and an active college social life

As the old saying goes: “All work and no play makes John a dull boy.” Then again, some college students truly enjoy achieving top grades in each class in spite of the fact that they like to party once in a while.

The average college student can only hope to get as close to the top of the grading scale as possible. Then again, there are entirely too many non-educational activities available within most colleges and universities.

It is the truly mature and responsible student that can maintain a consistently high grade point average, no matter what that person’s area of study happens to be. A college or a university is not a place where most people simply go to have a good time whenever they feel like it.

There is a time and a place for nearly everything, and now is the time when students should accept the fact that it is more important to learn a profession or skill that will allow them to live a reasonably comfortable life in the years to come.

On the other hand, most people also require a certain amount of recreation time. That should be a period of time when each student can close their books and allow their brain to recharge in preparation for the acquisition of additional knowledge.

One evening of fun each week is plenty of time in which to dine out, go on a date, see a movie, attend a dance and/or party and forget about the business of learning. One should also think about the good times to be had after one earns a college degree and is earning an above average income.

That one evening of enjoyment each week also provides an opportunity to acquire new friends who could very well help you to earn better grades during your time of higher education. A well organized person usually learns more and remembers more of the information in each college course of study.

The ability to effectively use the time available is the act of a student who will get the most from his or her higher formal education. For some students it is a matter of pride to be able to earn the best grades possible. The student can still relax during each day by playing music during the time when he or she might be reading or having a snack. 

Keep in mind that the people who earn the best grades usually get the jobs that pay the most money. Honor roll students can usually pick who they work for after graduation. Learning how to best use your time each day is truly a wise thing to do.