How to Beat the Admission Test Stress

As a high school student, you know that your scores on admissions tests can have an effect on your educational future. This can lead to a debilitating level of stress and anxiety as the admissions test date gets near. You can overcome at least some of that feeling of pressure if you work at taking care of your body and your mind in the days before the test.

You should begin preparing for your college entrance exams weeks in advance. Studying basic formulas and theories of science and math, brushing up on grammar and history, and even practicing their writing skills will help you get your mind geared up for test day. Getting a study group together will allow you to bounce questions off of your friends. Parents can help too by quizzing you with facts you write on index cards. The more you study, the more secure you will be that you are truly ready for your college admission test.

The day before your admissions test, you should do something to relax. Get a massage or acupuncture, sit in a hot tub, meditate, take a yoga class – any of these ideas can help you relax and prepare your state of mind for your test. If you feel the need, talk to someone about the stress you’re feeling about the test. You may be surprised to find that you’re not alone.

Always, always, always get plenty of sleep the night before a college admission test. Tests are often early in the morning, and showing up groggy will have a negative effect on the test results. Stay home the night before and either look over notes or use the evening to relax and calm your nerves. Eat a good breakfast before going in to take the test, but stay away from coffee or other stimulants. Caffeine can make you jittery and, though it will wake you up, it can affect your concentration. After a couple of hours, when the caffeine has worn off, you may end up crashing as well. All the way around, caffeine or other stimulants are a bad idea before taking a college entrance exam.

With a bit of preparation, you can go into your college admission test feeling prepared and relaxed. So, study, get some sleep, and get ready to ace that test. And remember too, you can always take it again if you think you can do better!